London is so crowdy every summer! Sometimes I can stand it. I appreciate my job then. I am going to the village enjoy the climate.


2012 Games

As Adrian Warner wrote: “Olympic experts regularly tell me that London’s traffic problems are the biggest challenge to organisers of the 2012 Games.

And it’s because of them that London 2012’s plans to move badminton to Wembley’s indoor Arena in order to save money are likely to face some opposition from the international governing body of the sport. ”

It seems that London has a big problem to solve. We`ll see if the organisers will manage to reduce level of traffic within next 2-3 years.

Regents`s Park

Regents`s Park is situated in northwest London, this park can offer you variety of fun and leisure. Inside the park is boating lake where you can yet rent a boat and take pictures of birds nesting on an island found in the middle of lake. If you are avid lover of beautifully cultivated flowers you will have memorable experience.

With plenty of chairs and benches around, you could just sit and watch the time pass you by. There is small restaurant inside the park but cup of coffee or tea is expensive. It`s much better if you bring a picnic basket with you.

On the north side of the park is London Zoo. Following recent renovations and installation of new cages you can see endangered species and help the animals by adopting them. It will give you sense of achievement and will really help preserve the Zoo that is always in need of financial support. You can play a game of tennis or if you have come in larger numbers there are plenty of football fields where you can test your skill.

The Photographers’ Gallery

Britain’s first independent photography gallery, The Photographers’ Gallery always packs a punch.

Previous exhibitors include Juergen Teller, Martin Parr and Faye Goodwin to name but a few. It also hosts the annual Photography Prize, one of the most coveted photography awards in the art world.

London Guest List

As the authors write:

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The World’s Priciest Home – Abramovich London Hause

Whatever criticisms may be leveled against Russian billionaire Roman Abramovich, lack of ambition isn’t among them.  The 41-year-old Abramovich is planning to convert two Victorian apartment buildings in London’s exclusive Lowdes Square into a palatial home for his family worth a staggering £150 million ($295.5 million).

According to the plans seen by the Daily Mail, Abramovich is planning to build an eight-bedroom home over eight floors, replete with a heated swimming pool, sauna, Jacuzzi, cinema, parking and separate apartments for staff.

The one thing that stands in Abramovich’s way is the local government authority of Kensington and Chelsea, to which he has already applied for planning permission.

Buy apartment instead of booking hotel every time you visit London:d

London is no longer a magnet for real estate investors, now that the credit crunch has put the brakes on easy lending and threatened the fortunes of the financial sector.

According to the latest annual real estate trends survey from PriceWaterhouseCoopers and the Urban Land Institute, which collates opinions from 485 industry professionals, London has fallen out of the top 10 European cities for both investment and development prospects for the first time.

The British capital was ranked 15th out of 27 European cities for investment prospects, while for development prospects it was ranked 13th. Last year, London made second place for investment and fourth place for development.

Moscow and Istanbul are now the new darlings of the sector, ranked first and second respectively for both investment and development prospects. Whereas London is facing a slump similar to America’s, with house prices declining and consumer confidence down, Russia and Turkey offer strong economic growth prospects and buying opportunities across residential, office and retail.

Currently there is a real appetite for emerging markets, with high oil prices boosting Russian spending power in particular. And even as Western markets suffer from an end to the days of cheap credit, some of the survey respondents believed it would help bring distorted real estate markets back to normal. (

Anyway, I visited my friends in Krakow (Poland) and as it turned out they had started new tourism projects because of promisin possibilites created by the fast growing tourism sector. I don`t know the exact idea of it but domains names suggest that it will be reffered to Cracows apartments and some kind of city guides and the best Polish conference venues. So it you are planning to visit Kracow ( which is awesome, by the way ) or Poland I am obliged to recommend sites:d: