YoRk CiTy

York is a marvellous historical city. At all four gateways, you can climb your way up and walk over the city wall. Although it is the most complete city wall of the UK, you’ll have to step down sometimes because the wall is not completely intact anymore. However, this can hardly be a problem. When you’ve to get off at Lendal Bridge (one of the three main stretches), you can visit the Museum Gardens with its museum, the St Mary’s Abbey Ruins, the famous Multangular Tower and the nearly adjoining City Art Gallery. To the south, nearby Tower street, climb the stairs to the Clifford’s Tower and visit the Castle Museum. The latter is only one of the many museums in York. A must is, of course, a visit to the York Minster, the largest medieval cathedral in Northern Europe, surrounded by Dean’s Park, Stone Gate and St William’s College. York is an excellent city to explore on foot and you can easily find you’re way around. Besides that, the city tourist office offers several bus tours that cover the main sights in the city.


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