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London is so crowdy every summer! Sometimes I can stand it. I appreciate my job then. I am going to the village enjoy the climate.


2012 Games

As Adrian Warner wrote: “Olympic experts regularly tell me that London’s traffic problems are the biggest challenge to organisers of the 2012 Games.

And it’s because of them that London 2012’s plans to move badminton to Wembley’s indoor Arena in order to save money are likely to face some opposition from the international governing body of the sport. ”

It seems that London has a big problem to solve. We`ll see if the organisers will manage to reduce level of traffic within next 2-3 years.

The Photographers’ Gallery

Britain’s first independent photography gallery, The Photographers’ Gallery always packs a punch.

Previous exhibitors include Juergen Teller, Martin Parr and Faye Goodwin to name but a few. It also hosts the annual Photography Prize, one of the most coveted photography awards in the art world.

The World’s Priciest Home – Abramovich London Hause

Whatever criticisms may be leveled against Russian billionaire Roman Abramovich, lack of ambition isn’t among them.  The 41-year-old Abramovich is planning to convert two Victorian apartment buildings in London’s exclusive Lowdes Square into a palatial home for his family worth a staggering £150 million ($295.5 million).

According to the plans seen by the Daily Mail, Abramovich is planning to build an eight-bedroom home over eight floors, replete with a heated swimming pool, sauna, Jacuzzi, cinema, parking and separate apartments for staff.

The one thing that stands in Abramovich’s way is the local government authority of Kensington and Chelsea, to which he has already applied for planning permission.


They stand on opposite corners of the west window of St Andrews Church, St Andrews Hill. They started out life in Hatton Garden on the wall of a 17th century school. It must have been a craze at the time as there are two almost identical ones in Greycoat Place, in Victoria. The boy holds a bible in his right hand and a cap in his left. It is said the Charles Dickens who lived and worked locally, would look at the statue and used it as a model for a new novel he was writing Oliver Twist. The girl has a bible in her right hand and what appears to be a shopping bag in the other. She stand looking at the new Sainsbury’s head office at Holborn Circus, which has an express shop inside. She has a look of surprise in her eyes as though she has forgotten to buy something that she needed.

YoRk CiTy

York is a marvellous historical city. At all four gateways, you can climb your way up and walk over the city wall. Although it is the most complete city wall of the UK, you’ll have to step down sometimes because the wall is not completely intact anymore. However, this can hardly be a problem. When you’ve to get off at Lendal Bridge (one of the three main stretches), you can visit the Museum Gardens with its museum, the St Mary’s Abbey Ruins, the famous Multangular Tower and the nearly adjoining City Art Gallery. To the south, nearby Tower street, climb the stairs to the Clifford’s Tower and visit the Castle Museum. The latter is only one of the many museums in York. A must is, of course, a visit to the York Minster, the largest medieval cathedral in Northern Europe, surrounded by Dean’s Park, Stone Gate and St William’s College. York is an excellent city to explore on foot and you can easily find you’re way around. Besides that, the city tourist office offers several bus tours that cover the main sights in the city.

Museum of London

If you’re interested in London’s history then this is the place to visit. The museum has seven permanent galleries displaying just some of the amazing wealth of material in their collections. You can learn about London from the days when the whole population would fit on one double decker bus! Make sure you see the Lord Mayor’s Coach, which was built in 1757 and is still used every year for the Lord Mayor’s Show. Museum of London consist of:

* Museum of London Visitor Information

* Museum of London Photo Gallery

* Museum of London: Medieval London AD410-1558 Photo Gallery